Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Favorite Soul Bloggers

I have set up my email inbox to be a source of inspiration and good news.  I thought I would share with you some of the bloggers that I hold in high esteem.  I can barely wait for each post or newsletter.  At times I find true synchronicity in their written words.  It's as if they are following along in my life and giving me direct love and guidance. So here they are in random order.

The Change Blog

They say about themselves; "We are a community of 50,000+ people who help each other by sharing our experiences with change.  We hope that by reading our stories you will find inspiration and practical advice to make positive changes in your own life."

Jennifer Louden

I first found Jennifer when I read her wonderful book; "Comfort Queen".  It's about delicious ways to take really good care of yourself in every way. She also leads writing retreats in beautiful places. 

Lesley Riley

Her byline is Practical Grounding for the creative spirit. She like I is transforming and transitioning to another stage in life. 

Seeds of Success

This is a little more commercial but has great sections on (my favorites) Personal Development and Well Being. They are big on business.  Making and achieving goals. They have a magazine, blog, videos and you can sign up for their weekly newsletter.

I will share more at a later date. Hope you get the positive news and stories you are looking for!


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