Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Little Bit of Ugly

Funny thing Synchronicity! I wonder about it all the time, my life is so full of little synchronicties.

For instance; I've been doing an online workshop, Vision Journaling, with True North Arts led by Kathryn Antyr the Collage Diva. There have been many synchronistic miracles for me since delving into that workshop on envisioning your dreams. Here's just one. It's week five and Kathryn sent us the Wayne Dyer's, Excuses Begone affirmations from his site. She put them on ATC sized cards and posted them on the workshop website. So, I accidentally came across that deck of cards that I have been working on. I only saved the unattractive little things because somewhere along my rambling travels on the Internet, I found a lady talking about how you should make something ugly everyday. So, anyway as I worked with these cards trying new techniques and working with new materials I managed to make lots of ugly things. I would love to give that lady credit because as I made my little displeasing cards I thought of her and kept forging ahead. She has been a wonderful taskmaster for me and has made me think keenly about my art. She's made me see art as an expression not just something pretty and these little cards certainly are not. But it just so happens there are exactly the right amount of cards for Wayne Dyer's affirmations........funny how that works. I went to work gluing down each affirmation on to the little uglies and now, the affirmations really do feel like they are mine!


  1. Hey Ellie,

    Thank you for your art and the affirmations too from Wayne Dyer. I've been wanting these affirmations. I can't wait to make cards with you. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...I can only see beauty in your cards, thunder, lightening, storms, anger, freedom, stars in the thick of the cold night. I love you.

  2. Hello,
    I loike the part about making something ugly, I guess it opens you up to uncertainty. I lov eyou

  3. Dear Eloise, Your comments touched my heart beyond words! I can't tell you how happy that this workshop brought you so much pleasure and insight. Synchronicity plays a big role in my life - it certainly does make the adventure a lot of fun! I have some fun projects in mind on True North Arts that will be open for everyone. I can't wait! {soul hugs} Kathryn, Collage Diva

  4. Such a great post on synchronicity !!