Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The List!

I've been making a daily search on the world wide web and sifting through anything I can find about self-love.  What actions to take, what questions to ask myself, even quotes that are food for thought regarding self-love. Looking everywhere for pearls of wisdom from experts, seers and others just like me.

So, I was gratefully surprised to find in my very own email a post from one of my very favorite artist and blogger, Kathryn Costa, at her  Collage Diva blog.  Her post really fits so well with my current self love journey/search, PLUS I totally love Tiny Buddha as you all know. Visit Kathryn's blog for the list from Tiny Buddha written by Sarah Nean Bruce and to view her delightful art journal page dealing with powerful ideas about love put into words.  I love how Kathryn can artistically express her ideas using paint, paper, images and just the right words....She is truly amazing!

Peace. Ellie

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