Sunday, June 8, 2014

Radical Self Love, my version!

I just found Gala Darling on Jonathan Fields site...Wow! Both these people are awesome and thought provoking in such positive ways.

Now, I am moved to create some love letters to myself, because when I stop and really think about how I quit smoking and lost 80 pounds it was because I was on a vigilant self-love wave. I found giving up cigarettes and food easy because I wanted to show myself how much I really cared.  I was totally willing to do what ever it took to prove to myself that I truly loved myself more that anything else, even food and cigarettes!

So I'm creating love letters to myself to help me lose the 40 pounds that I've gained back because I'm so worth it.  I deserve to be healthy and slim. To look nice and wear the clothes I love. Those are excellent ways to feel good and confidant in my skin. 

I hope that you get motivated and get on the self love deserve it!

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