Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tempe AZ, April 2010

Well, I'm home from a wonderful visit with my daughter and grandchildren in the desert. It was a great trip and a wonderful visit. The weather was quite perfect, with sunny days, puffy clouds and a cool breeze.  Just about the time you thought you were too warm a breeze and cloud would come to your rescue. 

We tried to do all the things that are free in the Tempe area.  So we took a lot of hikes in the early mornings to awesome places.  Tonto National Forest, where the Saguaro reign supreme. We saw multitudes of wildlife and the cacti were ablaze with color, the desert is so alive.  Hole in the rock, Tempe Town Lake and Papago Park, all fabulous. 

In the afternoons we went to several Museums. We went to Tempe History Museum and learned a thing or two about the area.  Information starting from the very early days, prehistoric days right up to what is happening currently in this area.  We made a Tempe Town Post Card, it was an interactive software program that took our picture and allowed us to choose some really beautiful scenes around Tempe.

 We also went to the library where there are passes for a number of events and happening throughout the Phoenix area and beyond.  We got free passes for the Heard Museum.  I finally saw great 3-D in a IMAX theater....Oceans, WOW! We had a massage at the Massage School that offers 2 for 1 massages that only cost $25.00 for both!

We ate at home every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner except for the last night of my vacation.  Then we celebrated with all you can eat Chinese, we loved it!

 All in all it was one of the best vacations I have had. I have lots more photos!

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  1. Awesome vacation Ellie - I am happy you had a great one and took great photos. I love the tall cactus. Great tips on vacationing strategically saving $$$...I think this blog post will help many…we should always have fun even if we don’t have the dough. I love that massages for two only cost $25.00!! I am itching to get away. I’m looking forward to taking 1 month off in Provincetown, MA. But before then I want to come for a visit or spend time in nature with you….I had a beautiful weekend at Irene’s 10th birthday and her first holy communion. Looking forward to our conversation tonight.