Sunday, July 19, 2009

Don't Come Here!

If you want to forget all your woes come to the Pacific North Coast. Hide out in the woods next to the salt air. Oh no! I don't really mean that. It's so average and boring, really you won't have any fun at all! You'll just hate it and wish you'd never left home. Well, that's what you need to tell my friends when you get here. Don't tell them I said anything resembling good about our little corner of the planet. I do understand them wanting to protect this coastal beauty. But, really it's a wonderful place to let go. It's wild, wonderfully fresh and wide open. I had the most synchronitic opportunity to share a great beach house with some old friends this past week-end. The beach house is hopelessly comfy cozy comfortable, like being a little kid back home without a care in the world. The vast Pacific Ocean a stones throw away. And, the company of old friends was comforting beyond words.

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  1. Ellie: I love your photographics, especially the little cherubim. Delightful post and nice blog.