Saturday, June 27, 2009


This is so much fun! You gotta try it! Just go! Have fun! Get your creative juices flowing! It's so easy!
Create! Here are a few images I've created using the easy to use tools at Polyvore. In no time at all you'll be publishing your creations to your page or to one of the many groups. If you have to stop in the middle you can save your creation as a draft and go back later. The "editor" is a very simple workspace where you can test out different images to see how they add to your picture. The images are easy to add and easy to remove and you never have to settle for less than you wanted. The available images for you to choose from are practically limitless. You can create your own list of images from the Polyvore pool or use images straight from the Polyvore's pool. Or even use your own images; however if you do use your own images they are up for grabs for everyone else in Polyvore so a little thought before adding your own is a good idea.
Shop! Explore! Blog! There are other things to do at Polyvore. Fun is just a click away! Send me some of your creations.


  1. This looks like a lot of fun...hoping to get on Polyvore soon and try it out. Thanks for sharing!